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Product Overview

Product Includes:

  • 1 custom fitted SmileGuard® soft night guard
  • 1.3. MM Thickness (Good for for daytime use)
  • Great for teeth clenching and teeth grinding
  • Good for use during the day at home or work
  • 2 containers of impression material
  • Retainer Case
  • 90-day Warranty against defects
  • 30-day Money Back guarantee
  • Lifetime Replacement (fee applies)**

No More Boil and Bite night guards. Now you can have a custom fitted night guard for a fraction of the cost dentists charge you and put an end to pain caused by clenching and teeth grinding. Benefits of using the SmileGuard® - Soft Night Guard are:

  • Provides instant overnight relief from the pain of grinding your teeth
  • Can prevent long-term damage to your teeth and jaw
  • Provides a customized fit—So it's comfortable to wear all night long
  • 100% safe for teeth and gums
  • Does not impede breathing
  • Costs hundreds of dollars less than a dentist prescribed guard

 Each piece is pressure-formed with the combination of positive pressure (65 psi), and forming the heated side of the material over the model, giving a flawless adaptation. Each night guard has an advantage over store bought boil-and-bite types because they are custom made to provide superior fit and retention to the patients unique oral structure.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review