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With our fast-paced lives and schedules packed with work, school, and all the other things we commit ourselves to, don't you have enough to worry about? Why add the fear and financial burden of lost or broken retainers to the list? Join our Smile Retainers Club™ and get brand new retainers delivered to your door every 3, 6 months or on a yearly basis! Pick the program that best fits you.

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We will send you a impresion kit to take your impressions with. Once your done simply send it back to us in the prepaid mailer and once we received we will start making your brand new retainers! 

We scan your impressions and create a digital file and print your models for manufacturing your custom retainers.

Your new retainers will be shipped out using priority mail so you will receive your retainers fast and won't have to worry about your smile!

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